The Loan Process

At Lender’s Home Mortgage, we have done our best to streamline the typical loan process. As a result, we are able to pre-qualify you the same day you request a loan.

Here are the five steps to our loan process:

Step 1
Contact a loan officer to discuss your individual financial situation by:

Requesting a loan online

Calling 1-866-271-1587

Step 2
A loan officer will assess your situation and determine your financial goals. Expect to discuss the following information: the estimated value of your home, your credit history, and current financial status.
Step 3
Based on the information collected and your credit report, your loan officer will quote the loan amount for which you are likely to qualify.
Step 4
Your loan officer will request financial documents and will order your appraisal. (See our checklist for a list of documents that may be requested.)
Step 5
Your loan officer will notify you when your loan is approved, and an appointment will be made for signing the loan papers.